Bone Broth, Kale & Cannellini Beans Soup

An easy and oh so quick meal. This takes about twenty minutes to prepare and serves four.


1 organic shallot sliced thin and lightly chopped

1 tbs organic ghee

32 oz. grass fed organic bone broth, there are several flavors, all delicious

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1 BPA free can of organic cannellini beans

1 bunch organic Lacinto kale torn from tough stems into large
bite-sized pieces

1 small handful organic rice pasta – spaghetti style noodles broken
into two – three inch pieces

Meat Option

1 package pastured organic chicken sausage – grilled and sliced
into quarter-inch rounds

I like Applegate Sweet Italian but they have many flavors


Lightly sauté shallots until just translucent.

Add all the Kettle & Fire Bone Broth.

Add the cannellini beans and mash about one-quarter of them to
thicken the soup.

Add the rice pasta spaghetti, bring to a boil and cook as package instructs.

Just before pasta is through cooking add torn kale and chicken sausage.

Turn down the heat and stir checking the pasta to see that it is fully cooked.

I serve this with Follow Your Heart dairy-free Parmesan shreds and Against the Grain gluten-free Rosemary baguette and a light salad.
My favorite super quick meal.

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