Don’t let those pesky bugs annoy you and ruin your good time outdoors this holiday. Below is a recipe from Mother Earth News.

Insect Repelling Essential Oils.
Different insects are repelled by different ingredients. You can make your own natural repellent by diluting essential oils in alcohol, witch hazel or a gentle vegetable oil such as almond oil,sunflower oil or jojoba. If it is your first time using a particular essential oil, test a small amount of the finished recipe on the back of your hand before applying elsewhere. This recipe yields 2 ounces.

1/4 cup alcohol, witch hazel or oil
10-20 drops selected essential oil
Cinnamon repels mosquitos
Eucalyptus repels mosquitos, ticks and lice
Citronella repels mosquitos and flies
Orange repels fleas
Geranium repels mosquitos, ticks and lice
Directions: Combine ingredients and pour into a clean, dry container.
To use, spray or dab onto exposed skin.


Hoping you have a Happy 4th of July

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