I just spent two weeks in Texas visiting my family. It was wonderful.

We laughed and visited for hours upon hours and made some delicious meals together.

When I returned to my kitchen I was really happy though. There is no place like home, your own home.

While my family supports me in my food style, I was starved for greens.

So the first thing I did was pull out my Vitamix and make some Broccoli Soup.

I put two broccoli crowns in the Vitamix and added just enough filtered water to keep the motor humming and 7 minutes later I had hot, fresh Broccoli Soup. I sprinkled some Follow Your Heart Parmesan Shreds on top and devoured two bowls.

Got some greens that’s for sure.

Do you have a high powered blender? It is a great kitchen tool.

Mine is over twenty years old if you need any justification for the expense of a high powered blender.

The possibilities are endless.

Here is a link to purchase reconditioned Vitamix High-Speed Blenders for as low as $299. That’s a steal.


Let me know if you get one and how you use it. I am always excited to share about food and best practices in the kitchen.

Here’s to greens.